Domestic Abuse Is Becoming More Common Essay

2244 Words Mar 15th, 2016 null Page
As time is progressing, abuse is becoming more common. People in society these days tend to think that domestic abuse is over exaggerated, not knowing how important it really is. Four years ago, in the middle of July it was going to be my first time going to the beach. I was so excited; I 've always dreamed about playing in the waves, and laying out in the hot summer sand. My boyfriend told me that he had the perfect beach day set up for me. Right before leaving for the beach a simple question was brought up, " How many guys try and talk to you a day?" I stated, just a handful. Before I could fully finish my sentence, a hot burning sensation came over the right side of my face. At this point there are three people staring at me waiting for my reaction. How does a eighteen-year-old girl fathom or even react to being slapped in the face? I did what any other girl would do; I cried.
I had to spend my perfect first time at the beach with a rosy pink cheek. What was supposed to be my “perfect time turned into a nightmare out of a horror story. I played in the waves with the side of my face burning. I laid out in the summer sand with the image of his hand coming across my face. Every time someone brings up my first beach experience I will always have to bend the truth about it, and remember that it was the start to the longest four years of my life.
With abuse becoming more common it is something anyone can see in public. Abuse used to be something that was done behind closed…

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