Domestic Abuse Intervention During The United States Essay

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Domestic Abuse Intervention in the United States
Violence can take many forms. Domestic violence takes place within marriages, in intimate or cohabitating relationships. Physical abuse such as pushing, shoving, hitting, sexual assault can occur. Emotional abuse including: stalking, intimidation, isolation, and withholding money are all forms of domestic violence (EBSCO 9). More than one third of all women have been or are victims of abuse, physically and or emotionally by significant others (citation?). The prevalence of domestic violence in the United States, a developed and largely educated society, is exceedingly high. Victims of domestic violence have civil and criminal remedies in order to protect themselves and their children from further abuse, but what is provided is not enough. Many victims suffer in silence afraid to ask for help. Abuse is illegal in the United States, and there is protection for those who seek help. Domestic violence intervention in the professional health and social care system should be drastically improved in the United States.
Americans believe that the interventions provided by the government offer assistance and aid to victims of domestic violence with the providing of legal, social, psychological, and medical support. Common belief is that there are inclusive laws that will adequately protect those who have been attacked. Additionally, it is assumed that there are no social obstacles when trying to receive intervention and assistance.…

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