Domestic Abuse And Violence On Relationships Essay

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Domestic Abuse and Violence in Relationships
What is Domestic Abuse/Violence? Anyone who is in a relationship can become a victim of domestic abuse/violence, regardless of age, race, and gender. There are many forms of domestic violence including physical, mental, and emotional abuse, as well as stalking. Physical abuse can be determined when one partner deliberately hurts (i.e. punching, kicking, scratching, etc.) the other partner in the attempt of causing physical harm (i.e. breaking bones, causing a black eye, etc.). The emotional and mental abuse happens when one partner taunts, humiliates or degrades the other partner deliberately (i.e. the abuser tells the victim they love them but do not mean it; abuser wants to possess the victim psychologically). “Many offenders threaten and perform physical, financial, sexual and emotional harm to the victim, often the threats are aimed at family members, children, co-workers, friends and pets” (Smith, 1989). Stalking can also be a form of domestic abuse, since in most cases it is unwanted attention from an admirer or partner (DVCC, 2012). There is a belief that domestic violence only happens between married couples, however that is not always true. Domestic abuse can happen between a couple who is dating, are in an intimate relationship, when they have a child in common (even if they are not together), or are married.
How does it affect the individual? According to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Dr. Karim states:…

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