Domestic Abuse And The United States Essay

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Introduction: Dealing with Domestic Abuse in Peru and the United States
From the Spanish Conquest in 1532 to the current struggle with a terrorist group known as the Shining Path, Peru’s history is riddled with violence and abuse (Flake 2005; Mitchell 2013). The experiences of women in Peru show no exception to this. Estimates indicate that women in Peru experience incredibly high rates of domestic abuse, within the highest across the globe (Boesten 2006; Flake 2005). Regardless of laws established by the country, Peruvian women struggle to successfully deconstruct domestic violence within their communities. In contrast, the United States – a developed country where domestic violence frequently occurs, though discernibly less than in a developing country such as Peru – has (seemingly) dealt well with its nationwide domestic violence. With the assistance of a powerful legal system and outright social movements, primarily feminism, domestic violence is one of the United States’ lesser issues.
Within the literature on domestic violence in Peru and the United States, I have been able to distinguish many similarities and differences between where domestic violence stems from, how each nation addresses the issue legally, and what responses the nations and their societal actors have had to the issue. However, within this literature, there appears to be a gap: research on cultural impacts and cross-cultural responses to domestic violence is notably lacking. This gap has led me to…

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