Marc Jacobs Advertising

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Advertisements may seem straightforward to the consumer, but many actually require extensive curation, as subtle details like color scheme, setting, and strategic placement of the brand name are used to appeal to consumers’ underlying desires for popularity or success and this make the product more enticing. These trends are especially prevalent in ads for luxury items, which carry with them a mystique of sorts in addition to their practical function. Two major high-end fashion houses, Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) and Marc Jacobs, both regularly advertise their wares in magazines such a Vogue. Aside from this fact, however, the two labels are quite different. D&G is an Italian brand associated with the most glamorous of clothing and accessories, …show more content…
A woman who looks to be in her early twenties lies on a pristine white bed, having fallen asleep still wearing her makeup and party dress, with her handbag by her side. Her lipstick, dress, and the purse itself are a bright glossy red. One can infer that she had just gotten home from a long and exhausting night out and succumbed to sleep immediately upon reaching her bed. Because the scene depicted in this advertisement is very simple, much of its message is delivered implicitly by the colors used. According to a 1997 research study, a viewer’s arousal is experienced in two dimensions: excitement versus boredom and relaxation versus tension. Higher value colors — those that appear more “whitish” — are associated with relaxation, while saturated hues are rich, intense, and striking, linking them to feelings of excitement (Gorn, et al. 8-21). Thus, the white background and the red clothing form a stark contrast both visually and perceptually, conveying the thrill of the young woman’s night out as well as the calm that she feels having made it back to her own bed. The fact that the woman has behaved quite irresponsibly by staying out late and not bothering to properly prepare for sleep contributes to the carefree mood of this image; the viewer yearns for the freedom and the independence to be a little reckless and to enjoy themselves without fear of negative consequences. Finally, the manner in which the brand name is presented in this advertisement could not be more different from D&G’s subtle placement. The words “Marc Jacobs” appear in large, black, capital letters across the top of the image, conspicuous against the white background. Many Marc Jacobs purses are themselves emblazoned with a prominent metal plaque bearing the name of the designer, so it is only natural that this tendency for name-dropping is echoed in the advertisement (“Bags & Leather Goods.”). This loud

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