Doing The Right Thing By Michael Sandel Essay

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In his chapter, “Doing the Right Thing,” in the book, Justice, Michael Sandel focuses on the issue of morality and how does one put a price on the life or wound of another in a passage that appears in a section called, “Afghan Goatherds.” Sandel opens the passage by saying “Consider now an actual moral dilemma, similar in some ways to the fanciful tale of the runaway trolley, but complicated by the uncertainty of how things will turn out.” Next, he indicates that a team of Navy SEALs was on a mission in Afghanistan and were discovered by three goatherds. Following that, Sandel points out that letting the goatherds go free could give up their position and jeopardize the mission and their lives. Having made his point, Sandel then tells readers that the SEALs released the goatherds and all soldiers but the commanding officer, who had made the decision to turn them free, were killed. After that, he turns to the idea that there was no way to decide whether or not killing the goatherds would have saved their lives at the time of the decision. Finally, Sandel closes the passage by stating under the circumstances that the decision needed to be made there was no right or wrong decision to be made.
Sandel tells readers that the way to handle the Afghan Goatherd situation is unclear. He implies that it is the possible to consider number of lives that will be lost in each outcome because it is clear that whenever you can you should save as many lives as possible. However, I would argue…

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