Doing School By Denise Pope Essay example

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Within the book, “Doing School” by Denise Pope (Pope, 2001), throughout the students’ years in the education system, all of them learned how to do school, in one form or another. Each student developed their own tricks and trades to deal with issues they were personally facing and to help deal with issues that developed because of their school’s curriculum. As Egan (2001) stated “We all recognize the difference between genuine knowledge and accumulated codes – we talk of education as against training, wisdom as against “book learning”…But our schools are not good either at recognizing the difference or, consequently, promoting the genuine article rather than the counterfeit” (p 930). The students in "Doing School" (Pope, 2001) were involved in a system that essentially socialized students and failed to create lifelong learners, instead creating students who gained facts to produce grades. Due to this shortcoming, issues associated with the preparation of all students for success, balancing school and other obligations, as well as the class environment and teacher’s experience were barriers to the students learning and served as major issues the students faced as learners at the school. Many of the problems students faced at Faircrest High School stemmed not only from the combined learned/taught curriculum, but also the curriculum that was hidden and excluded.
The first major issue to be addressed that was brought to light in "Doing School" (Pope, 2001) was preparing…

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