Dogs Were Domesticated By Human Animals Essay

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Dogs were domesticated by human; therefore dog personality traits were subjected to selection based on humans’ preferences. Human bred dogs for hunting, search and rescue, herding, watchdog, service and assistance work, and many more. Due to the different preferences for personality traits, different types of dogs have different personality; therefore a certain type of dogs is more suitable to assist people in different of the area. According to Tillberg, Breed, and Hinners (2007) “personality is a set of attributes such as sociability, aggressiveness, and willingness to please (Tillberg, Breed, and Hinners, 2007).” Like most species, each dog was born with different behavior than his biological siblings or parents, and as well as each type of dogs have different behavior. The dog personality test from grouped dog 's personality into three categories and the categories are prey, pack, and defense (fight or flight). Jack and Wendy Volhard (2007) discussed that the prey behavior is associated with hunting, killing prey, and eating. The prey drive is related to seeing, hearing, chasing, smelling anything that moves. Pack drive is the physical contact and social order such as reproductive behavior of the animal, being a member of a group, interaction with a group. Defense drive is the instincts for survival, such as being aggressive and fight or avoiding the fight by fleet the scene. Jack and Wendy Volhard (2007) agreed these behaviors make up a dog’s personality.…

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