Dogs Are Still Man 's Best Friend Essay

969 Words Nov 21st, 2016 4 Pages
The standard American Dream is a house with a white picket fence, two kids, and a yard for the dog to play in. If you drive through any neighborhood, that is most likely what you will see; however, peeking through the curtained windows you may also see a few feline friends. Although cats are becoming more popular, dogs are still man’s best friend. Nobody will be more loyal, understanding, or affectionate than your dog. Cats may be right for some people, but nothing makes a rough day at work better than having a furry welcome home from your best friend. As evident by the warm welcome home, dogs are very affectionate toward their owners. They will cuddle with you at night, and move as close as they possibly can to you when you sit down. When you’re having an atrocious day, your dog will be there ready to cheer you up with a smiling face and wagging tail. Although cats may also be affectionate toward their owners, they are much more independent. Usually cats do their own thing, whether it is sunbathing on the window sill or sleeping on the couch. However, they may lay on your lap when you sit down or rub up against your leg, but that is the extent of their affection. Dogs will shower you with sloppy kisses to show their love, whereas cats are much more disinterested. In addition, dogs are very protective of their home and family. For example, many dogs bark at new visitors entering the house and are especially protective of young children. Although they are mistrusting of…

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