Dogs Are Considered Man 's Best Friend Essay

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but where do birds fit in the pet equation? Just like more traditional pets like cats or dogs birds have different personalities and attributes that make them unique. My love and passion started for birds when I was eleven and lived in Bay ridge Brooklyn, the apartment across from us had been vacant for a long time and finally had new tenants moving in. Curiously watching from the window as they brought each and everything they owned. I heard a couple of chirps and bells shaking and all of the sudden it was revealed a shiny red cage with two absolutely beautiful parakeets, flying around in joy probably because they were excited as much as their owners for their new home sweet home . As time passed the whole third floor of my apartment building formed great relationships with the new tenants, during the summer time they would leave their birds out for others to enjoy and me being eleven having unlimited possibilities of adventure my greatest highlight of that summer was my time spent watching and playing with birds. A couple of years and many houses later, it was time for me to have my very own birds. It was fall of 2013 school had just started and junior year was already starting to show its vigorous pressure. It was a warm Saturday morning the leaves were changing color as the sun was slowly rising. Bringing light to me and my dad’s normal morning stroll. The stores was slowly opening for business, my dad got his coffee from the…

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