Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay

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Woof Woof Not Meow Meow

Cats may have nine lives but dogs are man’s best friend. Some people love cats over dogs and believe they are better pets. I would contend that a dog is man’s best friend and the better companion for people to have in their lives. A dog simply has better traits than a cat. There are several reasons why dogs are a better companion. Dogs are referred as man or women’s best friend not cats (Pets4Homes, 2016), Dogs can work jobs, can help keep you fit, easy to train, protect you, love to play, and do not need a litter box. Bottom line, dogs are just more useful than a cat is. Some Cat owners who like their companion over dogs will might say that Cats can be left unsupervised longer than dogs (Pets4Homes, 2016), they
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Dogs are loyal to the pack and that is why they will protect their family and their home. Studies show that dog owners laugh more than cat owners (Business Insider, 2016). Other studies show that they help you make friends and can even find cancer. A dog’s sense of smell can be useful to save lives and even conduct jobs. Dogs are also known to be very loyal to their owners. It has been found that they help the elderly to have purpose. They keep them active and gives them a loyal companion or …show more content…
Dogs keep you more active because they like to walk and play. They are easy to train and can be trained to do a lot more things than a cat. I never seen a cat play fetch, protect a home by alerting you that someone is outside, or be able to know when their owner is sick. Dogs show love and affection for taking care of them and are loyal to the end to their family. Cats really do not care and just do what they want. They need little attention and to me that makes them a bad companion. I cannot walk a cat, teach it how to do tricks a dog can do or trust it to let me know when something or someone is outside my home. Dogs can work in the work place, use their sense of smell to save lives, and learn very quick about what they should or should not do. They can even learn how to react in situations. Do not even expect a cat to be able to do these things. Cats don’t even compare to how smart, trainable, loving, loyal, or useful a dog is. This is why a dog is truly man’s best friend and clearly a better pet than a cat could ever

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