Argumentative Essay: Dogs That Attack

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Dogs that Attack
We were visiting Alexis’s family and her brother’s girlfriend had just found out she was pregnant, so we were celebrating. We were all sitting around chatting and their dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was curled up right next to Alexis. She was a great dog, loving and fabulous with children. Then suddenly without any warning. The dog was on top of Alexis and bites the side of her face and then went to her mouth. She tore some flesh from her face when we finally pulled her off. There was a lot of blood everywhere. We took her to the hospital as fast as we can. The next day they put fifty stitches in her face and the day after that she was sent home. It took her a long time to heal, but for two years she had nightmares of
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Even though, some people get bitten by a dog and have a scar for life. Some people don’t like those scars and wants to get plastic surgery. Out of 225 people with dog bites in one year. Only one goes to a plastic surgeon. About four million of the population of west midlands goes to plastic surgeons with dog bites each year because they do not like those scars. Dogs mostly spend time in the presence of children than of adults. It is no surprise that most adults are bitten because dogs spend more time in the home and around the owners more than elsewhere. Causes of bites only to cases the patients say that there been no cause of the attack. Other patients admitted to telling the dog into action. All dogs bite but most medium sized dogs, Chow Chow, Doberman, pinschers and Jack Russel in search of their population denominations presumably snapping and snarling as they do. These dogs that mostly bite are German shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, terroirs, and Australian cattle dogs. “PC Shewell, and JD Nancarrows findings that most dogs that bite are either owned by or known to the victim concur with my own.” (Peter, 117) “To assess how dangerous those breeds are and their relative tendency to bit” (Peter, 116). Dog bites can be really rough some time, but you always have to get through it even though it might be hard at times. If you don’t like the scar the dog left you, of course you can always get it fix by going …show more content…
Even though some people think dog bites are just dog bites. Well, some people take them extremely serious and want to help out the people who got a bite. During January 1974 through December 1975 eleven deaths from dog bites happened in the United States. They most questioned asked about dog bites is “why did they dog attack?” In some of these cases the dogs might feel that their family members or their territories or themselves to be threatened by the victim. Dogs bite everywhere, but mostly dog bites happened to the head or the neck. It is where the dog can kill the person easier and probably because that is where it is most vulnerable. Dog bites are a big problem, but fatal dog bites in these eleven cases are evidence that this problem is a greater problem than has generally been recognized. We should be keeping an eye on this because the number of fatal attacks should be surveillance and be maintained on how much happened in each year. More detailed investigations of each case should take place to understand why these attacks happen. “In the meantime, dog owners should be made aware that physically incapacitated persons or small children are at some risk if left alone with dogs, especially the larger breeds.” (William, 429). Although the lack of comprehensive surveillance makes it impossible to ascertain how many persons actually die of the trauma associated with dog bites” (William, 425). People always play with their dogs and love them, but

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