Does Turkish Early Childhood Education Program Necessary For Anti Bias Education?

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Does Turkish Early Childhood Education Program
Appropriate for Anti-Bias Education?
The early childhood education is the most precious time in the life of an individual. It does not only meet the developmental needs of a young child, but also offers an environment that child becomes socialized with his/her peers, who have different and diverse background than each other; considering the fact that most of the classrooms are in Turkey grow into a diverse background in recent years (Milli Egitim Bakanligi, 2013). In early years, children enjoy with numerous experiences, which might shape their knowledge and understanding relevant to sensitive issues such as race, gender and family background. At the age of two, children start recognizing their bodies and environment (Berk, 2012). In addition, a young child records the behavior of the adults towards the other people, who are different from themselves, and when it comes to s/he reflects the recorded behaviors. Early childhood education teachers are responsible for offering an education that exposes children in different settings and respect the diverse background of each child and their needs (Milli Egitim Bakanligi, 2013). Therefore, when teachers create a curriculum, they should consider the background of each child, since each child merits to bloom his/her fullest potential (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010). Moreover, the more child exposes the activities relevant to his/her culture, s/he makes connections with his/her former…

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