Does Treatment Of Animals Portray Human Morality? Essay examples

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Does treatment of animals portray human morality? The treatment of animals can affect how human beings get treated. Since, animal and humans are both living beings then the way an individual person is treated, should be how an animal is treated. Awful and ruthless treatment of an animal, portrays that the person would treat others the same way. Animal life is very important, and in order to protect them many laws, and organizations have been made. The protection of animal perspective has changed habits and behaviors of people. The importance of an animal 's life in a nation can determine its moral progress. The treatment of animals will portray the greatness of the nation.

A quote said by Mahatma Gandhi, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” interprets that a great nation is a nation whose animals are being treated with respect. Animals should be treated the way an individual would like to be treated. Treatment of animals is a reflection of our treatment of each other as portrayed in Roxane Gay’s essay, “Of Lions and Men: Mourning Samuel DuBose and Cecil the Lion”. If an individual deserves rights and respect then an animal does too. Both of these are living beings, that make up this world. Hurting animals would be like hurting human beings, but human beings don’t hurt each other, then why animals? For example, ““We don’t hurt family members. We don’t hurt friends or strangers. We don’t even hurt upholstered…

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