Essay Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? Ob Hbs Case

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Case Analysis of “Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?” The case “Does this milkshake taste funny?” presents a situation, where company employees were confronted with an ethical decision. Their thoughts and actions were shaped by several factors, including their personal moral values and the corporate culture engendered by the management of the company for which they work. This case provides an example of how a lack of a code of ethics or ethical training within a corporation can lead to negative consequences. The major players in the case are the night shift employees of Eastern Dairy, and the management of this company that set up the rules and expectations for the night shift. The background and the ethical situation …show more content…
Paul was primarily concerned in avoiding trouble for himself (i.e. being selfish as described in Kohlberg’s Stage 1) and not upsetting the management (i.e. conforming to the expectation of the company ‐ Kohlberg’s Stage 3). In his decision making Paul did not seem to a give a second thought to allowing the contaminated mix to go through, and eventually to be consumed by restaurant patrons. If the presence of maggots in the mix was, in fact, as common of an occurrence as Paul claimed, it seems that the Eastern Dairy should have instituted

guidelines for dealing with this kind of situation. However, no such guidelines existed and it was up to the workers to make the final decisions. Moreover, the company’s apparent non‐caring for ethical practices meant that it would be less likely that any employee would report what happened (act as a whistleblower), if the final 500 gallons of the mix were run through without filters. At the end of the case George was left with a difficult ethical dilemma. On one hand he was concerned for the consumers of the contaminated milkshakes and on the other hand he felt pressured by Paul and his other co‐workers to continue production anyway. Eastern Dairy has failed to provide any ethical guidelines for this situation and this would have made it difficult for George to draw attention to the situation (especially since there was no

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