Does The Urge Affect Your Relationships? Essay

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Think about it
1. When does the urge to compete affect your relationships? How do you make sure that both you and the other person understand that the competition is “friendly” rather than something more serious?
For me it is when I feel embarrassed, when I feel the other person is intentionally trying to embarrass me, and then I tend to become competitive with my comments and statements. I usually try to make sure the completion is friendly by not saying anything that I think it might hurt their feelings.
2. In which common situations would you most likely resort to competitive negotiation? In which for cooperative negotiation?
I would most likely resort to a competitive situation if the conflict is with someone I don’t know, for example a clerk when returning a broken merchandize, because I feel like I need to get my way in this case, I need to recover the money I spent or get a new merchandize. A cooperative situation would be more with people I know personally, such as one of my siblings, because I would want to preserve our relationship.
3. Can you think of examples where people either focused on the other person or tried to deal with the problem or issue instead? Discuss the outcomes.
Yes, one example I can think of was Donald Trump comment recently about Mexicans, he generalize that “Mexicans are killing us” and them when asked to apologized he refused, he focused so much on the problem with the border with Mexico that he ended up offending all Mexicans, he focused so…

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