Essay about Does The Pregnancy Necessarily Mean Parenthood?

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“Does pregnancy necessarily mean parenthood? If the pregnancy continues, many people assume parenting is the only rational, normal follow-up. The other choice, adoption, is often ignored” (Lindsay 9). Adoption is not an option that many think of first when they receive the news of an unexpected pregnancy. Parenting is an option that comes with responsibilities some cannot take or some do not want, making abortion a number one choice. Although, adoption can be a complicated process with specific qualifications for the adoptees and adopters it also exhibits benefits that could outweigh the complications. Parents who choose adoption for their soon to be child have the option to go with independent adoption or agency adoption. Independent adoptions are attractive to birth parents because they allow the parents to select the adoptive family giving them more control over the adoption process. Independent adoption gives the birthparents a chance to choose the parents and place the child with them. Parents must sign an independent adoption placement agreement which becomes irrevocable after 30 days. This option seems appealing to birthparents however, independent adoption comes with costs and risks that are not usually seen in agency adoption. This option also comes with more work for the adoptive parents.
“In agency adoption, birthparents relinquish(surrender, release) their child to the adoption agency.” (Lindsay 109) The agency places the child for adoption, terminating the…

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