Does The New Laws Matter? Essay

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States across the country are passing new voter ID laws. These laws happen to be supported strongly by Republicans and disapproved strongly by Democrats. The big question seems to be, does the new laws matter? The Indiana Supreme Court don’t think it matters. Dan Carden, writer from The Times (Munster, Indiana), wrote that, “Justice Brent Dickson [said] requiring an ID to vote is no different than requiring people to show ID to board an airplane, enter a federal building or cash a check.” Most people have IDs anyway, so requiring an ID wouldn’t make a difference in the process. Justice Theodore Boehm was the only one who voted against the law. He said that if they want to make ID a requirement to vote, it needs to be added to the constitution (Carden). There shouldn’t be any requirement on voting that isn’t in the constitution. If you have the right to vote, then you have the right to vote. It’s unnecessary to more requirements. But, Justice Dickson is not alone with his –it don’t matter, let it pass- attitude. Erin Murphy, writer from Telegraph Herald, wrote that although Wisconsin Grant County clerk Linda Genhard said she seen “only one case of fraud… during the past four years” which she even thinks was, “an honest mistake made by an elderly gentleman,” she supports the voter ID law in Wisconsin. She stated that she, “has nothing against it,” since, “you can’t do much of anything these days without some kind of an ID” anyways (Murphy).
Jarvis DeBerry, from,…

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