Does The Constitution Affect Modern Society?

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The preamble of the Constitution discusses the promotion of general welfare and the security of the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity. In America we live by this philosophy, but how different would America be if the Constitution had not been written in this context. There are those who want to argue that the Constitution was written to protect the white affluent businessmen at the time. In questioning the morals the United States Constitution was founded upon and whether economic interests became a motivating factor towards creating a stronger central government, introduces a different question. If the Founding Father’s intentions were to write the Constitution to protect the economic interests of the upper class, how would it affect modern society? Despite federal government laws, U.S. states are still enacting their own laws that can be deemed unconstitutional. By today’s standards, states feel like they the federal government is overstepping its reach to put laws in place that would protect the people from the state governments. For example, North Caroline …show more content…
Wood are two different authors who bring different perspectives on the Constitution. According to Howard Zinn, the Constitution was a compromise between Federalists and non-Federalists to decide how commerce was should be done between the states where the federal government did not have a lot of authority and there was a need for a balance of power. The final draft of the Constitution was not well received by some people and criticized by others.
In 1913, a professor from Columbia University named Charles Beard writes about the intentions of the Founding Fathers to a rift between the two political parties. He mentions that the Founding Fathers come together to create a stronger central government that was not based on “patriotic reasons but because they wanted to protect their own economic interest.
In contrast, Gordon S. Wood opposes Zinn’s argument by

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