Does Texting Affect Writing? Essay

1120 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
The basis of Michelle Cullington’s article, "Does Texting Affect Writing" has been viewed as a hot topic throughout the academic community. Cullington’s article pieces together inquiries from professionals in the academic sector, opinions from individuals in which her topic applies, and conducts detailed analysis of collegiate papers - searching for signs of "textspeak" to generate the research basis for her claim (361). Though her works ' effort was published in numerous journals, the structure of her article allowed for both her message and credibility to falter. Inadvertent contradictions and poorly executed research created holes for her readers to see through--allowing for her ethos to come into question.
The structure of the article seems to be lackadaisical and poorly thought out. She manages to control the paper one paragraph at a time, but collectively it contains aspects of repetitiveness and disjointedness. For example, in the paper, she dedicates an entire section to her methods—describing how she conducted her research. Within her first subdivision of her paper "Concerns about Textspeak" (361), Covington reveals to the readers that she "interviewed two [teachers]" (363). This is not a problem for the reader at first; later in the paper when there is an entire section designated to methods, it leaves the reader questioning why it was necessary to state the methods in the first place. As a result, she loses the trust she tries to instill into her audience,…

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