Does Television Affect Our Perceptions Of Ethnicity? Essay

1193 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
The main characters in television shows ethnicity are mostly white, which leads to controversy, incorrect perceptions, and a battle over certain ethnicities role on a television show. Travis Dixon, associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, revisited this core controversy in a 2015 study published in a Communication Research, and found out that, “Whites were more likely to be portrayed as police officers in television (73%) than to be employed as officers in Los Angeles and Orange counties (53%). Given the confidence interval of 6% on either side of the estimate of white television officers on the news, this is a statistically significant 20 percentage-point difference” (Dixon.) In order to be able realize that the main characters are usually white, we need to observe closely while watching television while it is often missed in the moment. We may ask ourselves, how has television affected our perceptions of ethnicity? Rick Busselle, Assistant Professor of School of Communication at Washington State University, expresses in his article, “Television Viewing, and Perceptions about Race, “Historically in family centered shows, African Americans have been portrayed as less educated, from broken homes, and possessing lower status jobs than white” (3). Our perception of African Americans is going to be that they are less educated because that is what the television is portraying them as. Television continues to affect our perception of ethnicity…

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