Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Essay

802 Words May 24th, 2015 4 Pages
Does Technology Make Us More Alone? It cannot be disputed that the world has experienced tremendous transformation due to the advent of information technology. According to Price (2011), people in this dispensation are more connected to each other than was the case in the past. This has been attributed to internet-related social networking sites on one hand and text messaging on the other. However, there are arguments to the effect that technology has made people lonelier besides making them distant from one another. These forms of arguments are presented on different platforms. In addition, they always appear to be corroborated by evidence. However, this paper argues that technology has made people more alone. According to Price (2011), technology makes the people more alone due to the fact that they are always focused on what goes on in their screens as opposed to paying attention to what is taking place in real life. The majority of the teenagers are demonstrating anti-social behavior. This is because the only time that they can communicate is through the use of a cell phone when texting and the social networking sites. As far as they are concerned, it would be preferable to communicate through cell phones as opposed to face-to-face. It has also been established that technology makes people lonely in the sense that they are increasingly focused on their cell phones and they lack proper training on how to converse with the rest. The main argument is that people must not…

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