Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Essay

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?
Argumentative essay
Does the use of technology really make us more alone or does the connect us to more people out there? is our obsession with documenting everything through photographs and videos preventing us from living in the moment? Or along is so share more with people we care about? Technology is supposed to make us more connected but like anything else there is flaws to it and depending on how you feel about technology you will answered the question differently.
Technology creates this "false emotional attachment to our devices. It allows us to say things through texting/Instant messaging that we can 't say in person, which gives us a sense of excitement. So of course, we get addicted to this object, and soon we aren 't able to get off it. And our social skills get completely flushed down the toilet. And if you already have problems socializing this won 't help you at all. Most people would rather stay at home and talk to strangers or play computer games rather than socialize with family, spend time with kids, play games, fish, camp or anything else. Somehow the normalcy of life has been lost.
We use the computer as a learning tool, and for communication too, But it seems that there can be too much of a good thing. Not to mention there is a lot of information conveyed during interactions based on facial features and hand motions and unfortunately all this gets lost during online communication. Technology eliminates interactions…

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