Does Social Media Addiction Really? Essay

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For as long as I have known about social media, I have disliked and avoided it. I was a teenager when I first heard about it through my kid sister who became very involved in MySpace. Learning about the way people spoke to one another, how they spoke to my sister, on the site was annoying at the least and aggravating at the most, particularly because I could not convince her to give it up. In 2007 or 2008, I was living in Las Vegas and when I returned home for a short visit, I watched as my Auntie Angie, usually the perfect hostess, ignored all ten of her guests by checking and rechecking her Facebook account. By then, I had heard plenty of jokes and complaints about people becoming “addicted” to it, and sites like it, but I had assumed they were exaggerations and did not take them seriously. However, after watching my aunt excuse herself from the table over and over again, I began to have doubts.
In an article titled “Does Social Media Addiction Really Exist?” by Megan Donley, for South Source: A Publication for South University, Mark Fabbri, director of the Psychology degree program for South University says, “Addiction is related to a compulsion to consume something or engage in a set of behaviors to the point that it significantly interferes with a person’s life.” In addition, “Fabbri cautions that there is a big difference between addiction and overuse of social media.” So in regards to my aunt, and perhaps most other social media users, “addiction” may not…

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