Does Slangs Make You Sound Stupid?

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Slangs? What are slangs? Slangs is often words that are regarded as being very informal and is often used when you speak or chat with your peers. Slangs have a lot of controversy around them, due to the fact that a lot of people view slangs as being as a linguistic atrocity, and is often looked down upon by the society. Slangs is often linked with young people, especially teenagers or with the working class and lack of intellectual intelligence. The three articles, written by Robert McCrum and Doc Brown, Isabelle Kerr and Will Coldwell, focuses on the controversial around slangs, while some of them (mostly Isabelle Kerr) criticize the usage of slangs as being a part of the vocabulary.
The first article “Does slangs make you sound stupid?” is written by Robert McCrum and Doc Brown. The article touches upon issues like when it is appropriate to use slangs, is it wrong to use it? And the prejudice linked with the usage of slang words. The article is based on Emma Thompson, critique against teenagers’ usage of slangs and expressing that using slangs, should not be done and it makes the individual sound “ stupid”. One of the first argument used in the article is from Doc Brown, who states that slangs has a time and place, and used out of context, may make you sound odd or “stupid”. He
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The first article could be compared with this one, because of both Doc Brown and Will Coldwell, thinks that the “ fear of slangs” is a manifestation of the fear of the working class. Both Will Coldwell and Doc Brown agrees and the fact that the youth knows when and where to use slangs, and both brings in Emma Thompsons, opinion about the usage of slangs. They both disagree with their statement, where Doc Brown states that “she should take a chill

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