Does Prejudice Doesn 't Mean Negative Attitude? Essay

1578 Words Dec 6th, 2015 7 Pages
1. Prejudice- I learned that prejudice is something that we humans do in order to categorize our world around us. We have to learn how to curb it though because it can easily turn into something that seriously affects our world, even simple little thoughts like “choosy moms chose Jif!” Prejudice doesn’t necessarily mean negative attitude.
2. Stereotyping- This is a oversimplified belief about someone/something. Stereotyping seems to overlap with prejudice but both have their different meanings. Neutral attitudes can help overcome prejudice and stereotyping.
3. Reverse racism isn’t a thing, the people who discriminate and who have the upper hand can’t be discriminated against from the people who they are hurting. We all could benefit from being a little mature and acknowledging minorities’ feelings while trying to improve situations instead of this constant cycle.
4. Cognitive dissonance- people tend to make up reasons to avoid having cognitive dissonance. It doesn’t always make sense, but people believe whatever they want in order to feel at peace with themselves.
5. Implicit cognition- also what I think of as intuitive, or subconscious- you’re not always directly aware of your implicit thoughts, but you can train yourself out or into another implicit way of thinking.
6. Explicit is more about you conscious, outward thoughts that you are more aware of. Sometimes what we think is true isn’t always the full truth.
7. Right wing authoritarians- these people have a tendency…

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