Essay about Does Power Always Corrupt?

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A close examination of the history of the world leads one to find that throughout different regions, some sort of organized government is required to maintain order, preserve peace, establish cooperation, and provide basic necessities for the people. However, it can also reveal that this governmental power given to people for the purpose of the aforementioned responsibilities can cause issues within the people due to the irrelevant self-pride and vanity, among other consequences, that can frequently result. This leads one to question if giving power to man is reasonable or not, to which extent power should be given, and how power should be equally or unequally shared among various members. As a result of deep analysis, one question that may arise can require further research and exploration of the topic: Does power always corrupt? However, many examples of ancient and recent history can be taken, as well as facts from research, to support the claim of some citizens that though power has very high potential to cause corruption, it does not always do so because of the ability to control self-desires, unwillingness to damage reputation, and the lack of corruptive potential within one’s soul. The first reason that though power can cause corruption, but does not always do, is that there is the ability to control the self-desires present in someone. When a person comes to power HI DADDDYin a governmental position, they feel proud to be representing their people in foreign…

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