Does Pornography Consumption Increase Participation Essay

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Does Pornography Consumption Increase Participation in Friends With Benefits Relationships?
Italo Cardoso
Caldwell University Abstract
This paper is about how often people watch pornography, and how that amount affects how many, if any, friends with benefits relationships they have. Researchers are trying to determine if and how that form of sexual-act based media possible increases risky sexual behavior in casual sex. The trial that researchers conducted had a specific sample (population of participants) and procedure; the sample was people between the ages of 18-25, and the procedure was done through two separate surveys. Next, researchers specified the results of the study (whether their hypothesis was proven correct or incorrect) and the critiques of the study. The article was very thorough explaining the various elements to the study and how the researchers ended up with the results that they did. Scott Braithwaite, Sean Aaron, Krista Dowdle, Kersti Spjut, and Frank Fincham conducted a study called Does Pornography Consumption Increase Participation in Friends with Benefits Relationships. In the article written about their study, the researchers explained the different party of their study. Pornography consumption was the independent variable. The study was based on how frequently, if at all, pornography was watched. The article says that, “pornography consumption has been connected to increases in risky sexual behavior in other types of casual sex…pornography…

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