Does Personality Affect Attraction The Same Way Physical Features Do?

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What does "attractive" mean to you?

What comes to mind when you think of the word "attractive"? I 'm sure your first thought was something physical. Attractiveness in its shallowest form is the physical characteristics one possesses making them "attractive". Attraction is automatically connected to looks because a person’s physical qualities is what is first seen, it 's what reels you into further getting to know a person.Why do we draw the conclusion there? Can personality not affect attraction the same way physical features do?

Beastly,a book by Alex Flinn,is the ideal example of looking beyond an individual 's physical attributes to discover there is more than meets the eye. Being attractive made it easy for the main character,Kyle,to go everywhere in life.He is the stereotypical white private school student being wealthy, arrogant,and narcissistic.He ruled the halls of his private school and paid no mind to people he felt were “unattractive”,labeling them as unimportant.His cruel treatment towards a social outcast who was secretly a witch gave her justification to cast a spell on Kyle,hoping to make him as ugly as his soul. Kendra , the witch , wants Kyle to learn that outer beauty is not essential to live a wonderful life.The spell causes his body to become deformed.With his new appearance Kyle returns home to show his father what has happened only to be turned away and forced to the outskirts of town.He must find love in six months time otherwise, Kyle’s…

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