Does Parole Work? Or Parole? Essay

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Does Parole Work?

Parole is a prime example of the reintegration program used by the criminal justice system. It releases the offenders back into society many of them are placed on parole as a proper form of punishment instead of having them crowding the prisons. Parolees, The Bureau of Justice Statistics tracking of parolees that found that 62% of parolees were rearrested within three years of their release (Worrall 210).With so many forms of parole from diversion programs, boot camps, house arrest, electric monitoring, and rehab programs.

Alexander Maconochie ran a prison in England he believed that inmates could have to be rehabilitated, so he made a program in which inmates had to earn their release. Making a three step program in which each stage had a certain amount of time with liberty and responsibilities, but any bad behavior will set them back. When offenders were fully reformed, they would release them because they were rehabilitated known today as the intermediate sentencing.

In the United States, a majority of its prisoners are subjected to parole upon release despite the use no known stats show if parole supervision lowers crime rates or increases them. The average age for parolees ranges from 32 to 33 years of age and a majority of them being African American males. Discretionary parole is for nonviolent offenders, and mandatory parolees are violent criminals. Parole offenders account for one-third of the prison population according to Sadhbh Walshe…

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