Does Neo-Liberalism or Neo-Marxism Provide the Most Credible Account of International Politics? (the Answer Should Discuss with the Reference to the Films “Independence Day “and the New Rulers of the World".

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Does Neo-Liberalism Or Neo-Marxism Provide The Most Credible Account Of International Politics? (The Answer Should Discuss With the Reference to the Films “Independence Day “And the New Rulers of the World".

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The significance of neo-Marxism and Marxism, as theories shaping world development, has been subjected to a great deal of debates, particularly after the end of the Cold War. However, the emergence of numerous problems in many countries around the world, especially those associated with vagaries of neo-liberalism and capitalism, the application of these theories in international politics has become eminent in the modern
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In the same light, the new rulers have also believed that the neo-liberal policies of economic restructuring enable undeveloped countries to tap development experiences of the rich industrialised countries. In the 1990s, the United States and the World Bank in conjunction with other developed countries agreed to adopt the neo-liberal policies in the pretext of supporting the less developed economies. They agreed to strengthen free market, provide economic support to private enterprise and initiate entrepreneurial programs in emerging economies. Loans were issued on condition that these countries followed policy conditions. Conversely, neo-Marxists have criticised the policies of the new rulers of the world. As such, they have gone ahead to introduce new theories in their bid to address the economic disparity between developed and undeveloped economies caused by the neo-liberalism concepts (MacLean, 1988). World System Theories were postulated by neo-Marxists in their attempt to address the problem of underdevelopment in emerging economies of the world. Based on this theory, neo-Marxists share the idea that there exist a structural relationship between emerging economies and developed world. The subject area of the neo-Marxists is the problems and interests of the developed nations, and this has been considered by scholars as “bottom up” technique to international politics and relations. According to MacLean (1988), there is a link between poor

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