Does Money Really Make The World Go Round? Essay example

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Does Money Really Make the World Go Round? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win millions of dollars in the lottery? Many people dream of winning a lot of money to better their lives and themselves,however the percentage of big winners is actually rather small. For those who do win,it doesn’t always mean that life’s struggles will end there. Many people who win big in the lottery loose it all,because it ends up controlling every part of them. For example, a young couple won three million dollars in the lottery but could not claim it because they had lost their ticket. There was a thirty day claim for lost tickets and their time was already up. It put a strain on their marriage and angered both of them. You see how just that amount of money would make somebody upset enough to risk their relationship, to have a taste of the wealthy life. If money was not involved in this situation, themselves nor their relationship would have been at risk. County Officials were debating whether or not to give the money to the couple,because the couple proved that they were credible in some evidence displayed. During this time,the couple was so irate that they were offered counseling while a decision was trying to be made about the lost ticket. This is the largest set of money that has been unclaimed in history. There are many reasons why money itself affects the world in negative ways, it is also scientifically proven, too much money can be a bad thing because it messes with…

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