Essay about Does Money Buy Happiness?

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Does Money Buy Happiness? The topic of money is a highly debated one. One of the most debated topics on it is does it buy happiness? Many people say money doesn’t buy happiness, but psychologists and professors all over are starting to differ. Recent studies in fact prove that money can in fact buy happiness. This is important because it could change the future. If part of your happiness is based on your income it could affect the way a lot of people start to live and think about life. Although it is important it is also a very interesting topic. Think about it money buying happiness? That’s crazy. Most people would say it is ridiculous to say that money buys happiness, but science pulls through again to show that it can affect your mood levels. Imagine you just received a million dollar bonus and your household income for four people is only seventy thousand dollars. Would that increase your mood and relieve any stressful or depressed feelings you’ve received from feeling a financial burden? Different recent studies surrounding the topic have been done. People with money overall with be substantially happier. There was a recent study that has been done relating to happiness. The study was music listening motivation is associated with global happiness in Canadian adolescents. The study was done by Morinville et al., 2013. The study was developed to see/test self determination with listening to music and global happiness. The results were that younger adolescents and…

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