Does Marijuana Work The Treatment Of Diseases? What Are Its Adverse Effects On Human Body System?

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Does marijuana work in the treatment of diseases? What are its adverse effects on human body systems? What does professional say about this and its legalization? These are the questions flashing to the mind when the word marijuana is perceived. The author of this essay is trying to answer these questions by analyzing three articles on the topic of cannabis. Medical marijuana is one of the most controversial topics in today’s political and medical world. Though marijuana is useful in the symptomatic treatment of some chronic diseases, its negative impacts on human body and mind is unavoidable. In a global perspective some countries have legalized medicinal use of cannabis and categorized it as controlled substance. Similarly almost half of the states in United States (US) medical marijuana are legalized. Consequently population of pleasure users is also ascending tremendously. Hence legalization of medical marijuana is a dilemma in front of government policy makers. Therefore the author of this paper is scrutinizing the three articles provided through three lenses such as medicinal uses, adverse effects and legalization.

Cannabis and its medical use has been a centre of argument for long time. Some studies have expressed that the benefit of using medicinal cannabis far outweigh its negative impacts on human body. Whiting et al. (2016) in the first article named “Cannabinoids for Medical Use a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” points out that there is no statistical…

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