Essay about Does Language Play A Role For Advertisement And Consumerism?

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Words are captivating on many levels, they vary from brand name products like Versace to Olive Garden to fast food restaurants like McDonald 's. Language plays a significant role in advertisements. Advertisements use language by making use of appealing catch phrases to try to convince people to buy their product, it is an essential marketing strategy to get their message across. Advertisements can be found everywhere. They are on social media, commercials, and billboards. People can not avoid advertisements even if they were to try. Although many people are not sure whether or not advertisements influence others to buy the seller’s product or not. People who create advertisements are very selective when it comes to picking the “right” words. They have to not only attract their consumers but be careful on what they choose to say. This leads to the question; does language play a critical role for advertisement and consumerism? Visual content and design in advertising have a very significant impact on the consumer, but it is the language used in advertisements that help people to identify a product and remember it. It is all about money. Advertisers will use a copious amounts of techniques to get the audience to purchase their product. It does not matter whether their claims are true or not, they will try to persuade consumers to buy their product.
A well known and popular way of advertising a product would be with celebrities. Having celebrities endorse a product makes people…

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