Essay on Does Justice Mean Equal Treatment?

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It is the underlying issue in every court case and disagreement between people all over the world; does justice mean equal treatment? Should it? The answer to these questions is a controversial one, but can be answered with the unpopular opinion that no, justice in today’s society and courts does not mean fairness. Justice should be the act of giving consequences to those who deserve, at the level they deserve, without any other factors and influences playing a role. This, unfortunately, is not seen as often as it should be as a result of personal opinions and values. Racism, sexism, religious persecution; all of it will always exist no matter what we do. It isn’t a matter of eliminating it from our lives completely, although that is a great idea, it is more a matter of eliminating it from the justice system for the betterment of everyone. No one should have to fear the system put in place to protect them, but it is undoubtedly what is happening every day to the minorities of this country. Justice does not mean equal treatment in courts and culture; it should, but it does not. The well known story To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee outlines this question very well in regards to the racism present throughout human history. In the novel, Harper Lee explores the idea of justice through the tales of Jean Louise “Scout” Finch’s childhood stories of her father’s fight against injustice. Atticus Finch is a lawyer who was appointed to defend a black man, Tom Robinson, after he…

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