Does Gun Control Reduce Crime? Essay

1214 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 null Page
Does Gun Control Reduce Crime? Gun control law has been one the most argued topic in the past decade in United States. Crime is widely viewed as a major issue for every society, government always tried to find solution in order to reduce the crime and violent rates. That is why gun control law and gun ownership has been argued intensively. However there has been a question, did gun control law reduce crime rate? In my opinion: No, because if people want to kill, they will find weapons to accomplish their goals. Gun control does not reduce crime rate. Gun by itself does not kills humans, people use gun as a medium to kill. United State is not the only country with high rate of gun ownership. In United States and Russia, “homicide results suggest that where guns are scarce other weapons are substituted in killings”. Base on study University of Harvard: While American gun ownership is quite high, many other developed nations are (e.g., Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Denmark) with high rates of gun ownership. These countries, however, have murder rates as low as or lower than many developed nations in which gun ownership is much rarer. For example, Luxembourg, where handguns are totally banned and ownership of any kind of gun is minimal, had a murder rate nine times higher than Germany in 2002 (MAUSER. P652). Refer to the Supreme Court 's 2008 determination in District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment creates an "individual right to possess and carry…

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