How Does Google Make People Stupid

Google, the wonderful search engine that drives people’s curiosity on the road of knowledge. In daily life Google is used countless times to search nearly anything and everything. It gives people to ability to increase their intelligence, but at the same time increases their dependability of Google. This in return leaves the choice to allow people to actually retain their new found knowledge, or to forget and repeatedly search as convenient. Then the question must be asked if Google is making humanity dumber? Since Google will give all answers to any question with its omnipotent resources. The answer to that question is no, Google does not make humanity stupid, it is simply a tool for humans to use. If there was any blame to put who makes humans stupid, it would be humanity itself. Humanity is notorious for putting blame on anything else when charged with accusations. In this case the lack of knowledge of an individual most people could blame Google for not needing to remember anything. A prime example is homework, were one might get a failing grade on a test because they did not bother to learn the material since all the answers were a Google search away. Google gave the student the chance to gain more knowledge since it is an extremely helpful tool to better one’s intelligence. Sadly, the student took the path of just abusing the search engine, and bettering himself …show more content…
Decisions such as blaming Google and not admitting to ones’ self-faults that makes people stupid. It cannot be stressed enough how great Google is of a tool in order to help people find answers to their problems, but it is completely on the person to either remember it and learn or to depend on Google as if it is their own brain. Allowing for both correct answers and wrong answers. Keep that in mind next time you Google something, what do you really want to get out of that

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