Does God Exist Essay examples

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God is the source of much doubt and controversy, of peace and of war. At this point in our human existence what was once certain and unquestionable has become the most questioned topic. The faithful, believing people have become unsure. I guess the question is either God exists or He doesn't. There really is no middle territory, and any attempt to remain neutral in relation to God's existence is automatically putting you in the category of unbelief. The age old question is far from being an irrelevant one, because if God does exist, then nothing else really matters; if He does not exist, then what does really matter at all. Until now I've never been put in a position where my faith was questioned. I found this title
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People say that moral claims can be true and false, and also claim that people's moral views are occasionally wrong. All of this makes it seem that we're talking about moral facts existing independently of us. It’s very confusing when we talk about morality; it’s hard to see any difference between languages and how we talk about everyday physical objects. (Blackburn, Simon Spreading The Word, Oxford University Press, 1984--chapter 7).
But there is a major difference here: talk about morality, unlike talk about everyday physical objects, is a means of expressing attitudes and doesn't even pretend to describe mind-independent facts. So it looks like the projectivist, if that is where you are, is stuck. Ok so basically if he or she defends moral discourse against accusations that done in error, she seems to be committed to realism and to its commitments, if that makes sense. If he or she, from what I understand, refutes the appearance of moral discourse, then the projectivist is telling us that people are committed to realism though their use of ordinary moral language by mistake. (Blackburn, Simon Spreading The Word, Oxford University Press, 1984--chapter 5-7).
Blackburn's suggestion is that the projectivist can say that, the common subject matter of the debate is constituted jointly by the range of features and the range of responses on whether or not God exists and is that “perfect

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