Does Gender Really Matter? Essay

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Does Gender Really Matter? In the articles, “Female Chauvinist Pigs” and “Parents Keep Child’s Identity Secret,” both discuss living outside the gender norms. Writer, Jayme Poisson, discusses in her article about parents keeping their child’s gender a secret. These parents, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, allow their children to choose the clothing they would like to dress in, as well as the toys they would like to play with. Witterick and Stocker have three children, Jazz, Kio, and Storm. Jazz and Kio are both male, and Storms gender is unknown. Poisson’s article discusses how raising their children this way will affect them in the long run. Author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, Ariel Levy, brings up women resisting female, “girly-girl” gender norms and going along with the crowd of men. There are both rewards and costs to the way these people are living their lives, as well as the way these parents are raising their children. To begin, I feel there are many benefits to the way these parents are choosing to bring up their three children. By being exposed to this way of living at such a young age, these kids are given plenty of freedom to be comfortable with themselves by wearing different kinds of clothing and playing with a variety of toys for both boys and girls. “Witterick and Stocker believe they are giving their children the freedom to choose who they want to be” (Poisson, 366). It is awesome that these kids have been given a chance to choose who they want to be in…

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