Essay about Does Gender Impact Addiction?

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Introduction: Our gender influences several aspects of our lives, behavior and development. This simple fact has led people to explore the question, does gender impact addiction? If so, what difference does it make and how does this difference impact treatment? Men and women experience many things in different ways. Research shows that even though men are two times more likely to experience addiction, women tend to become addicted more rapidly and experience the tough consequences of drug abuse sooner than men. Men often engage in drug use either to intensify good feelings or as a means of coping with difficult situations. Women on the other hand, often use drugs to alleviate their unsettled emotions or because of a pre-existing mental health disorder. One study found that women frequently use cocaine as a means of achieving intimacy. By contrast, men use the drug socially with other men or as a business tool. Research and treatments for substance abuse have traditionally focused on men. Yet their experiences differ from women across all aspects, when it comes to terms of recovery, one size fits nobody. Research also has shown that gender differences play a role from the very earliest opportunity to use drugs, and that some approaches to treatment are more successful for women than for men. Although the similarities are more striking, the reality is men and women are different – in some ways that are intriguing but insignificant, and in other ways that have some bearing on…

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