Does Food Labelling Have A Strong Influence Over Our Food Choices?

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Everything We Eat Is Healthy
Does food labelling have a strong influence over our food choices? Many people assume that they cant prepare a healthy meal without looking to their food labels and know whats in it. Michael Pollan, the author of “Escape From the Western Diet” insist that even though companies don’t disclose about nutrients, westerners may undoubtedly still produce a healthy meal. Pollan maintains that “ They dont have much to say about nutrients or calories, either, though eating according to these rules will perforce change the balance of nutrients and amount of calories in your diet”(424). While David Zinczenko, the author of “Don 't Blame the Eater” argues that food warning labels are extremely important in preventing diseases and without it people will feel powerless. According to Zinczenko, “Without such warnings, we’ll see more sick, obese children and more angry, litigious parents. I say, let the deep fried chips fall where they may”(464). I support Pollan’s view that westerners can change the balance of their nutrients in their diet with time and effort, a point that needs emphasizing since so many Westerners believe that they actually can’t.
Giving ourselves time to prepare our own food; in addition, to the effort of making our meal from ingredients that don 't need labels to know its healthy such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, is going to award us with better health outcomes. Pollan overlooks what I consider an important point about considering time…

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