Essay Does Creative Advertising Matter

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Does Creative Advertising Matter?
Brian D. Till and Daniel W. Baack ABSTRACT: Creativity is an important component of advertising. This research examines the potential effectiveness of creative advertising in enhancing recall, brand attitude, and purchase intent. Our basic methodology compares a set of randomly selected award-winning commercials (Communication Arts) with a random sample of control commercials. The commercials were embedded in television programs and subjects for a naturalistic viewing experience. Studies 1 and 2 had aided and unaided brand and execution recall as dependent variables. For Study 3, brand attitude and purchase intent were the dependent variables of interest. Results indicated that
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8). Most important, few of the studies address the relation between creative advertising and effectiveness. Therefore, while this past work has made an important contribution, the effectiveness of creative advertisements is not much better understood now than it was 40 years ago. This study begins to address this gap by focusing on award-winning television advertising (in this case. Communication Arts award

winners) and relevant measures of advertising effectiveness— recall, purchase intent, and attitude toward the brand. CREATIVITY A N D ADVERTISING Advertising is the only profession where the central figure in the business process is titled a "creative," illustrating the focus placed on creativity in the advertising process. Although creativity in advertising is widely recognized as very important, the link between creativity and advertising effectiveness has not been extensively examined. The first academic work on creativity began with Kneller's 1965 book. The Art and Science of Creativity. This early work on this topic is typified by the "aha" definition in Parnes (1975), and these early papers concentrate on simple discussions and deflnitions of creativity. Work in the late 1980s through the 1990s broke from this trend and began introducing more sophisticated definitions of creativity (e.g., Barron 1988; MacKinnon 1987). During this same time period, research

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