Does College Mean Becoming Someone New? Essay

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Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New? Whether one is just getting out of high school or going back to school, entering the college community is a foreign experience that brings forth a lot of questions on what it will be like. All students attending college for the first time have hopes of getting an education and a degree in the desired field of study. Some assume an education and a degree are the only things they will get out of the college experience. Some might think going to college will change them into a different person. Life in general brings many new adventures that in the beginning seem scary, but if one is willing to adapt to become someone new that uncharted territory will one day become not so foreign. Over all, someone coming from a community that has over time has given comfort and security, must adapt to fit into a new foreign discourse community. Kevin Davis is a winner of many teaching excellence awards as a professor at East Central University in Ada, Utah. His essay is about the necessary adaptations need to be successful in a new discourse community whether it’s a new experience in college or in life. Davis effectively argues the necessities to adapt and succeed in a desired discourse community in his essay Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New? He uses the Greek philosopher, Aristotle’s three essential elements of emotional appeal to the audience, author credibility, and a logical claim to debate his argument.
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