Does Class Size Matter? Essay

809 Words Jan 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Does Class Size Matter? Attending a small class can be more beneficial to students rather than being in a larger class. Students are able to focus more and have a better connection with the lesson being given to them. When it came to attending class in our younger & older years there were times that some of us as students were having trouble, weather if it was with the subjects, grades, peers, or just the environment that surrounded us constantly. But had it ever crossed your mind that maybe it was the size of the class that made you have some of these problems? Throughout the years there have been studies & research stating that being in a larger classroom can cause a student to loose lack of learning then a student that is in a smaller classroom who is understanding the material more one on one with the teacher and being more involved throughout the semester. This has been one of many discussions throughout the educational system which it all leads back to who’s right, who’s wrong or is it just a topic that will never come to an agreement? According to The Telegraphs, Javier Espinoza, education editor, “Class size has very little impact on a child’s quality of education, because teachers tend to stick to their teaching approach regardless of the number of students.” There has been research done to determine why this could be true. Professor John Hattie of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne did 113 studies in the UK, the US & Europe…

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