Essay on Does Attractiveness Affect The Sentence Length Of A Crime?

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The general topic the class experiment was how attractiveness affected the sentence length of a crime. This is important since it directly affects the lives of defendants in court room situations. Judges should be aware of this potential bias as they are deciding ruling. Sigall and Ostrove, conducted a study focusing on the same topic. The independent variable was the level of attractiveness with the crime committed. The dependent variable was how long the sentence was that the participant determined. “An attractive defendant would receive more lenient treatment than an unattractive defendant when the offense was unrelated to attractiveness; when the crime was related to attractiveness, the attractive defendant would receive relatively harsh treatment.” (Sigall and Ostrove, 1975). The hypotheses were supported through Sigall and Ostrove’s study. When the defendant used her attractiveness to help her commit the crime, she was given a harsher sentence than the unattractive defendant.
The participants, in the conceptual replication, also judged the defendant as heathy or intelligent. This would suggest the presence of a halo effect. Smith and Hed studied the effects of a three person jury and if it would change the sentence length of the attractive or unattractive defendant. The independent variables were attractiveness, age level, and types of crime. The dependent variable is the sentence length. The hypotheses are the same as Sigall and Ostrove, in that the…

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