Does An Hbcu Offer An African American Student More Than A Pwi?

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Does an HBCU offer an African American student more than a PWI? An HBCU, “is a Historically Black College or University, that was founded by our ancestors to educate us on our history as African-American descents.” Before HBCUs were a thing, African Americans were free slaves that were not allowed to get an education. This did not stop them from learning a way to read, write, and calculate math. The Philadelphia Quakers founded the Institute of Colored Youth, so the children will have the opportunity to get an education. Soon after, many colleges and universities were founded specifically for African Americans to get a higher education. Cheyney University, founded by Richard Humphreys, was the very first HBCU to be established in 1837. The opening of this university inspired more African Americans to found their own universities to help the African American community all over the country making it 107 HBCUs to be open.
Many people tend to believe that HBCUs “does not prepare students for the real world, and the environment of an HBCU is artificial and limiting to the students.” There is no judgement if someone strongly disagreed because, HBCUs has different aspects that can help their students achieve. An HBCU is the best choice because, it is diverse and does not discriminate, they can stay in touch with their cultural background, and the students can learn more about their history. HBCUs are known to be very diverse because they are not discriminatory against race,…

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