Essay about Does Advertising Create Artificial Wants?

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Does advertising create artificial wants? Your answer should discuss John Kenneth Galbraith’s ‘dependence effect’ and F.A.Hayek’s response.

Nowadays, the media’s power is indisputable and it is not accidental that it is called the fourth estate. That power represents the possibility to exert influence on people’s behavior. Nowadays one very hot and disputed issue is the advertisement effect on the consumers’ buying behavior. Well prepared campaign can influence consumer decisions and make them buy certain product. The modern world is a world of overproduction. We are surrounded by all kinds of goods- some urgent and some not so much. Certain goods are sold quickly while others remain on the shelves. Every company
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According to him, the myth of the omnipotent consumer who determines what to be produced is refuted. Nowadays the relationship between the consumer and the producer goes in the other direction- firstly, corporations create products and then they form what the consumers’ mind would want. Consumers’ society is created of wooden heads that do not know what they want and let themselves be ruled by the powerful corporations. Consumers are following the trends that they observe in the people around them and take into consideration needs that are actually not necessary. And all these artificial wants are created by the powerful advertisements, which with their skilled and fine workmanship mesmerize consumers and lead them to spend millions each year on things that are unnecessary and useless in most cases. As a result of great advertising, most people soon realize they have bought goods that cannot be used for anything other than to satisfy purely imaginary needs. Needs that exploit a strive to a useless and pointless extravagance.
I want to clarify what is the difference between needs and wants. According to the dictionary, the word need is explained as a necessity and essentials. Therefore, needs are the things without which a person cannot live- needs like food, water, air, heat, light, etc. Wants are requests, desires, and inclinations. Nowadays a person is no

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