`` Doe Season `` By David Michael Kaplan Essay

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The short story “Doe Season” was written by David Michael Kaplan in 1985. Kaplan is considered to be a magic realist. Magic realism is a literary genre in which the story is realistic but it includes magical elements. “Doe Season” first appeared in his collection of short stories titled Comfort. This short story was chosen as one of the Best American Short Stories in 1985. He continued his work when he published his first novel called Skating in the Dark in 1991. He currently works Loyola University Chicago where he heads the Creative Writing Program. This is a thorough critical analysis of the short story “Doe Season” through characterization, plot, setting, symbolism, and theme. The main characters in “Doe Season” are Andy, Andy’s father, and Andy’s mother. Andy is a nine-year old girl whose real name is Andrea but she prefers to go by the name Andy. She is on the verge of adulthood. This story uses different elements to show one’s transition from childhood to becoming a female. Andy’s father enjoys hunting, and he is the typical male figure of the family. Meanwhile, Andy’s mother is the typical female figure of the family. She makes the food for the “all-male” hunting trip. Andy tends to be more attached to her father because of the unknown feminine world portrayed by her mother. The setting of “Doe Season” occurs in numerous locations. The woods are the primary location of the story. The woods are the primary setting of the story because this is where the hunting trip…

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