Documentary Pitch : Documentary On The Lives Of Commuter Students And Working Students At Uno

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Hartzog: Documentary Pitch
1. This documentary will be about the lives of commuter students and working students at UNO. Commuting to school on a daily basis can be a challenge for some students, especially if they are working at the same time. I will interview a few different students who commute and get their opinions on the matter. We will discuss how long it takes to get to class, if they have ever had a problem getting to class on time, and if the amount they spend on gas is worth it. I will interview a student who lives an hour away, as long as a student who lives fifteen minutes away. Though they are extremely far from each other, I will be able to get an insight on the similarities and differences of their commutes. One of the students will also have a part time job, and will give insight on the challenges of that. We will discuss the hardships that the student faces with balancing, work, school, living, and commuting. We will also be discussing their involvement with student life at UNO. I would like to compare how involved the student with the part-time job with the student with no job. We will see how involved each student can possibly be within UNO. My prediction is that the student without the job will be more heavily involved in campus life, and the student with the job will not be. I would like both of the students to describe a “day in the life” of a commuting student at UNO.
2. I plan to interview Sophia Parandian, a junior at UNO who commutes from…

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